Top 5 Reasons to Move to Staten Island

George S. Wonica
Published on February 9, 2017

Top 5 Reasons to Move to Staten Island

If you are thinking about moving to a somewhere that has a small town feel, but is close enough to New York City, Staten Island has what you are looking for.

Now, granted, I live here (born and raised), work here, and play here. There is so many things to do in and around Staten Island, that I still haven’t done them all yet!!

But I did want to give you MY Top 5 Reasons to Move to Staten Island:

Reason #5 in the Top 5 Reasons to Move to Staten Island: Historic Homes, Mansions, Old World Charmftr_754_image

One of my favorite reasons which had to make the list of the Top 5 Reasons to Move to Staten Island, is actually what I enjoy the most about my job. The different types of homes, architectural designs, and many of the custom homes that are featured all over Staten Island. I love the diversity of homes that appear all over this great Island. From some of the most beautiful historic homes in St. George and New Brighton, to the Million Dollar Mansions on Todt Hill, to the old fashioned charm of Westerleigh, Staten  Island features some of the mos wonderful architecture in NYC.


Reason # 4 in my Top 5 Reasons to Move to Staten Island: Cultural Institutions

We have a number of divehistoric_richmond_town_courthouserse and incredible cultural instiutions on the Island. Snug Harbor Cultural Center has a number of these on one campus! From the Chinese Scholars Garden to the SI Children’s Museum, Snug Harbor is one of Staten Island’s hidden gems.Snug Harbor alone would be enough to make my Top 5 Reasons to move to Staten Island, but we have so much more than that. From the Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art to Historic Richmondtown to the Garibaldi Meucci Museum to the Alice Austen House and it’s breathtaking views of the Verrazano Narrows Bridge and New York Harbor, Staten Island has so much for you to do and learn about.




Reason # 3 in my Top 5 Reasons to Move to Staten Island: Restaurants

victory-slide4We have some of the best restaurants in town. Although NYC is known for its restaurants, many Staten Island restaurants have a long and storied past which is a main reason to make them #3 on my Top 5 Reasons to move to Staten Island. Staten Island is known for its Pizza. Many of our pizzera’s, from Denino’s to Lee’s Tavern to Jimmy Maxx to GoodFellas, are always mentioned on Staten Island as some of the best around. We also have a number of fine other restaurants, such as Danoi in Fort Wadsworth, Angelina’s in Tottenville.


Reason # 2 in my Top 5 Reasons to Move to Staten Island: Golf 5thhole

Even though it’s number 2 on my Top 5 Reasons to move to Staten Island, Granted…..I am a golfer. And we have 4 amazing golf courses to test your skill level. Silver Lake Golf Course & Veranda is known by many locals as the ‘Staten Island Home of Golf’ (SIHOG)….or maybe it’s just the members that think so. It’s a challenging course that makes you think about the shots you want to hit. It’s also a place where you might run into this author on occasion (although not as much as I would like). Latourette Golf Course has one of the longer layouts on Staten Island. It’s also been the home of the NYC Amateur the last few years, so it’s seen it’s fair share of great golf. Grand Oaks Country Club is located on the South Shore of the Island and is one of the more challenging tracks around. Richmond County Country Club is the only private golf course on Staten Island, but is one of the most difficult and is known for it’s slick greens and is the Home of the Staten Island Amateur Golf Tourney.

And the Number # 1 Reason in my Top 5 Reasons to Move to Staten Island (DRUMROLL PLEASE)…………a6dda6ef054dce508b93b53fa95c487c

We are the Borough of Parks – While everyone complains about traffic, pollution, etc, Staten Island has the largest collection of parks in the 5 Boroughs, featuring at least 170 and growing all the time. When you add all of the ‘Greenest Borough’ Parks together, you come up with over 12,000 + acres of parkland! Many of these parks feature different events and things to do, some of which feature basketball courts, baseball, & ice skating at Clove Lakes Park, a Carousel at Willowbrook Park, a Boardwalk at South Beach, and so much more. To learn more about these park, visit Staten Island Parks tops the list of the Top 5 Reasons to 1Move to Staten Island.

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